SBG (standards-based grading)






「High school student Jadyn Sullivan tends to get stressed about schoolwork. Like many of her classmates, she worries about her grades. Yet, in her physics class, the teacher does not use the traditional A-F grading scale. That is because Mr. Frangiosa, Jadyn’s teacher at Pascack Hills High School in the United States, uses standards-based grading instead. In standards-based grading, students do not get grades on their assignments. Instead, they receive detailed feedback, and their performance is measured against specific course standards for mastery of the content. Jadyn will only see a reported grade twice during the year: a midyear progress report and the final grade on her report card, which is based on a month-long final project. In many ways, she said, that is freeing. “I feel like I’m learning a lot more than I would if there were a grade attached to each assignment”, she said. “I’m trying to actually find the answer that I want rather than worrying if it’s right or wrong.」